Top 10 Tea Statistics for 2021 in the United States

Top 10 Tea Statistics for 2021 in the United States

Teas have been incredibly popular globally for decades, however, they seem to have grown exponentially over the last decade. What are some of the tea trends and statistics that have been seen?

1. 80% of households in the United States have a type of tea at home

2. Ready-to-drink teas have seen a sales increase of 15x since 2004 for an estimated $5.2 billion, particularly for home consumption.

3. Green teas have gained the most traction in recent years compared to any other tea.

4. 87% of millennials drink teas regularly.

5. Southern and Northeast United States have the greatest amount of tea drinkers, however over half of the American population drink tea on any given day.

6. The United States imports 519 million pounds of tea every year and the average
American will consume ½ a pound of tea every year.
7. 1 cup of black tea has about 40mg of caffeine which is equivalent to most caffeinated sodas on the market.

8. About 80% of tea beverages consumed are iced.

9. 1 pound of loose-leaf tea can make about 200 cups of tea, this means the average
American will drink 100 cups of tea every year.

10. 75% of the teas made in the United States are through steeping tea bags