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Enhance your company’s image and elevate your gifts today with custom-branded teas, spices, and more. Take client satisfaction to the next level by adding in one of our supplemental sweets for an extra surprise.

About Us

We Create Everything That You Need

Our brand is recognized worldwide for being a reliable dispatcher of premium products and services. We have worked hard for this position by not just following the developments of product advertising markets. We follow the requirements of our customers and define product advertising in this way.

Customized Branding

Our products are manufactured to meet the high expectations and individual needs of our customers. We customize all packages to meet our customer's requests from company logos, corporate event designs, and advertising text.

Quality Products

Our products are sourced from some of the best plantations worldwide. The inner workings of our high-quality gift boxes and packages demonstrate they were made exclusively for your company.

Our Speciality PRODUCTS


We offer over 1,600 Tea Blends available in packets, cans, infusion bags, chimney bags, and lots more. Not what you're looking for? We accommodate customer requests! They can be ordered individually or in bulk.


We offer Chocolate Nuts, Chocolate Fruits, Candied Sugar, and Fine Tea Cookies. Orders can be requested to have the packages individually wrapped or created at the request of the customer.


We offer over 300 Spices available in packets, cans, plastic bags, test glasses, and lots more. Spices can be packaged individually or customized at the customer's request.

a million ways to Spice up your life

Watch our bite-sized inspirational videos to discover unexpected ways to transform dishes with a dash of spice and prepare teas that will soothe your soul.

Why customers love Natural Moose


Our Experience

With over 60 years of experience in this industry, we have worked hard to provide consistent service to every customer, every day. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our brand aspires to provide the greatest products with the finest quality.

Product Quality
Naturally Produced Goods
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Support


hear from our clients

I own a real estate business and like to give my clients a housewarming gift to thank them for their business. I've started to give out gift baskets with an assortment of teas, spices, and cookies because I can customize all of the packaging with my company logo which really helps my branding. The products are high quality and my clients really seem to enjoy it.
Scott C.
I own a small bed and breakfast and was looking for tea packaging with our logo for the guest rooms and lobby. This was exactly what I was looking for! The quality of the tea is fantastic and the guests love it. I even give them some to take home so our company gets the exposure that it needs.
Blake H.
I recently got married and wanted to provide party favors for all of my guests. I wanted to give variations of sweets labeled with our name and wedding date. They allowed me to customize the contents, packaging and labels. When I received everything I was very satisfied! The quality for what I paid was beyond what I expected.
Ana K.

Our Products

We’re Here to Help

Have questions regarding an order? Interested in personalized packaging for your business or event? We make every effort to meet your needs, address your concerns, and complete your overall satisfaction.